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03 Sep Labor Day Bags for Labor Day Activities
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For much of the Unites States, September offers a refreshing scene from the dog days of summer. Many consider Labor Day an outdoor holiday, whether its going to the beach, enjoying a picnic at the par..
30 Aug A discussion about high quality manufacturing and the future use of AI in production
Duffel Bags 0 236 CEO Grapeson Wilson recently sat down with the senior editor of CEOCFO Magazine Lynn Fosse for a short interview. Among the topics discussed was reputation for manufactur..
24 Jul Back To School Bags
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Finding backpacks for school can be tricky. Satisfaction can be based purely on subjective art rather than objective functions and features. Young adults these days don’t need a “book bag” because the..
18 Jul Grapeson Wilson, CEO of, Receives Prestigious Nomination for HMSDC Emerging 10 Awards
Duffel Bags 1 129
Grapeson Wilson, an exemplary business professional, has been honored with a highly coveted nomination for the esteemed HMSDC Emerging 10 Awards. This recognition highlights Grapeson's exceptional con..
03 Jul Fourth of July Getaways
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This year, with the Fourth of July coming on a Tuesday, many people are planning a weekend getaway. The Fourth of July is an outdoor holiday, weather its fun on a beach, barbeque in the backyard, or w..
12 Jun Father’s Day Bag Ideas
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Father’s Day is around the corner and it’s time to figure out what to get the dads in our life. It’s no coincidence that Father’s Day is around summertime, and dads are always outdoors cooking barbequ..
08 May Mother’s Day Gift Bag Ideas
Duffel Bags 1 296
Mother’s Day is coming fast upon us, but it’s not too late for something heartfelt. Bags and moms go together like peanut butter and jelly. So, we decided to recommend a few bag styles we think mother..
09 Apr Why Buy A Duffel Bag?
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In a conversation I had with someone in the bag manufacturing industry, he stated that, “backpacks are the future because they provide more utility over a duffel bag”. He went on to state that because..
27 Mar Why Cooler Bags Are Perfect for Spring
Duffel Bags 2 302
Spring is in full season and that means enjoying the outdoors. But if you’re going to spend a considerable amount of time outside, you’re going to need a cooler bag as a companion. Why? Because whethe..
09 Feb A Heart-Felt Gift for Valentine’s Day
Duffel Bags 1 1185
It’s that time of the year. Time to put all the selfish New Year resolutions aside and think about someone that matters more to you than you. Everyone knows Valentine’s Day has always been a holiday t..
18 Jan Celebrating 35 Years of Happy Customers!
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Larry Williams started selling duffel bags out of his garage in Houston, TX in 1988. Just a man and his dream. He did not realize it at the time, but Larry was on the cutting edge of the age of ecomme..
15 Dec The Pro-procrastinators Of Christmas Shopping
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Before the pandemic, it was easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping. Stores were packed and there was parking lot madness. Now we mostly sit in the comfort of our homes orderin..
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