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18 Jan Celebrating 35 Years of Happy Customers!
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Larry Williams started selling duffel bags out of his garage in Houston, TX in 1988. Just a man and his dream. He did not realize it at the time, but Larry was on the cutting edge of the age of ecomme..
15 Dec The Pro-procrastinators Of Christmas Shopping
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Before the pandemic, it was easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping. Stores were packed and there was parking lot madness. Now we mostly sit in the comfort of our homes orderin..
23 Nov The Spirit of Thanksgiving: Small Businesses That Give A lot!
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Communities thrive off sponsorships and donations, especially small communities, and towns. That is why we must appreciate not only big corporate companies that promote philanthropy regionally, but we..
13 Nov Go The “Extra Mile” With Personalized Gifts For the Holidays!
Duffel Bags 1 1671
We’ve all heard the phrase, “It’s the thought that counts”, and it’s so true. In a world overwhelmed with various products all competing for the “best gift” title, it’s not hard to find a quick gift f..
03 Nov The Best Thanksgiving Side Dishes!
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There are just as many ways to cook a turkey as there are ways of skinning a cat. But if you ask me what thanksgiving dinner is all about…it’s the side dish. Side dishes can make or break a real thank..
24 Oct The One Time I’m Wearing A Fanny Pack
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I understand the “fanny pack” is making a comeback, but it has never been an item in my collection. Growing up in the 90’s, the fanny pack always seemed to be a way of the 80’s. However, today gen Z i..
06 Oct Hunting Season in Full Swing
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Down south in Texas, the temperature is gone down and that means hunting season for all sorts of animals. Hunting is not just a hobby, but a way of life. When you show up to a ranch or reserve you can..
15 Sep Deals & Steals
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I remember a long time ago when I was selling cars, one of my customers told me after 5 hours of negotiation, “I want a steal, not a deal”. I told him a deal was 3 hours ago! A part of me was irritate..
06 Sep September Offers Optimal Travel
Duffel Bags 0 346
If you ask me which month the best month is to travel in, I will say September. For 3 main reasons:1.       Discounted Prices. Labor Day weekend is really the last of the peak season for summer travel..
16 Aug August Is A Welcomed Month For Gym Regulars
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For people who are a regular staple at the gyms, August is a welcomed month. The reason, you ask? Well, for starters all the vain people who just want that “summer body” is back to school or usually q..
01 Aug Holiday Travel Notes for 2022
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With many people making up for not being able to travel last years over the holidays, this year is sure to be more congested at the airports. Airlines and travel companies are taking note as well. Rec..
19 Jul Clear Backpacks Seen as A Solution for School Shootings
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In the wake of the Uvalde school shootings, school districts across the county are thinking of ways to tighten up security for our children. While some ideas have drawn ire from the public, there are ..
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