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29 Jul Summer Vacations Are Back!
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Summer vacations are back in full swing. In fact, according to a recent ValuePenguin survey of 2,192 consumers, 53% of Americans said they planned to travel this year, and an additional 32% said they’..
14 Jul America Welcomes Back “Back-to-School”
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3…2…1…we’re back to school! Swim, sun, and summer blasted students into another universe, but now it is time to land back to reality as many students continue their studies on the discoveries of the u..
28 Jun Happy Birthday America!
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The United States turns 245 years young! On July 4th 1776, Thomas Jefferson and his committee of five gathered together to write the document that was signed into delegation by 56 members to declare t..
19 Jun The Best Duffel Bag for A Father’s Day Gift
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We’ve examined hundreds of duffel bags to see which duffel bag would make the best gift for Father’s Day. Our grading system was based on 5 elements: design, durability, function, convenience, and pri..
23 May Memorial Day:  A Day to Remember the Price Paid
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Memorial Day is approaching fast which means the time is coming to just stop what we are doing and recognize and remember the fallen men and women of the United States military. Too often we have beco..
28 Apr What Mothers Really Want for Mother’s Day
Duffel Bags 0 1780
Mother’s Day is approaching fast, and everyone is scrambling to find the “right” gift. There’s a famous saying about gift giving, “It’s the thought that counts.” I can think of no better day where tha..
16 Mar America Welcomes the Outdoors Back!
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States are starting to reopen and that means business is starting to pick up. In some states, schools, restaurants, camps, and sports venues are open to max capacity. Now that the winter is in the rea..
24 Feb Spring Season Sure to Bring A Breath of Fresh Air for Texas
Duffel Bags 0 1973
March is right around the corner and the spring season is coming upon on us fast, and just in time. Good riddance winter storms and hello sunshine. In Texas that can happen in a week, as it did in the..
22 Feb Why Everyone Needs A “Weekender” Bag
Duffel Bags 0 715
What is the difference between a “weekender” and a duffel bag? Many shoppers have heard of duffel bags referred to as weekenders. While the difference in look may be subtle, the function of a weekende..
05 Feb Love Is Priceless. What About Your Valentine’s Day Gift?
Duffel Bags 2 1749
How do you put a price on something that is priceless? It’s the Valentine’s Day conundrum we face every February. We have all seen the “he went to Jared” commercial during the month of February. Jewel..
28 Jan New Year’s Resolutions to Get in Shape May Be Different This Year
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The new year has come and that means new year resolutions. It is the reason we put up with overcrowded gyms in January. A recent YouGov poll cited in Time Magazine found that, of the nearly 30% of res..
25 Jan Why Everyone Should Have a DuffelGear Cooler Bag
Duffel Bags 0 538 has been manufacturing bags for over 30 years. One of the most items sells is the soft-sided cooler bags. At first glance you may not realize how beneficial this bag can ..
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