Finding backpacks for school can be tricky. Satisfaction can be based purely on subjective art rather than objective functions and features. Young adults these days don’t need a “book bag” because there are digital copies of the books taught in school, and so traditional backpacks may not even be the best option. Functionality, production quality, utility, size, and style are just a few of the many angles one should look at when buying a school bag. Here are some thoughts that will hopefully help determine what type of bag you will need for school.

1.      Compacity. This comes down to how much stuff are you planning on carrying. Are you carrying items for a single function, or do you need 1 bag for multiple functions? If you are playing sports, a duffel bag or gym bag may be a better option, than a backpack. If you are carrying large items like football or hockey gear, you may want to consider a gear bag or single compartment duffel bag vs. a duffel bag with side pockets.

2.      Electronic Items. If you intend of carrying large electronic items like laptops or pads you may want to consider a padded backpack, as many of they offer the best protection. OGIO for example has a suspension to help reduce impact if it were to fall on the ground.

3.      Functionality. What are you using the bag for? If you are only carrying a couple folders or journals, an easy-access drawstring bag, or anyone-strap backpack would work. If you are carrying large textbooks, then you may want to a backpack or book bag with ample shoulder strap padding to easy the weight on your back.

4.      Accessibility. If you are riding a bike and need to carry simple binders and journals you may want to consider a messenger bag or tote bag with one strap for easy access. If you’re in college and you need to fly out you may want to consider wheeled duffle bags, travel bags or carry-on luggage bags. Some carry-on bags offer well-padded protection for electronics items such as iPads and laptops.

5.      Style. Perhaps the top attribute among kids. Backpacks today come in all different sizes, colors, shapes, and patterns. Trends changes among kids so social media, especially Instagram are good places to see what’s trending.

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