The New Year is finally upon us and that means New Year’s resolutions and crowded gyms. If you made new year’s resolutions to diet and exercise, you’re going to need a gym bag that’ll keep up with you. We’ve listed a few types of duffel bag depending on the type of exercise you are doing.

1.      Roll Bags or Round bags: Round duffle bags are great for stuffing all your gear and heading out quickly. They typically don’t have side and end pockets and are basic but very cost effective. Skinny roll bags or round bags are great for yoga as you can fold your yoga mat into one.

2.      Square Duffel Bags: Square duffel bags allows you to transition from work to workout. For example, they often come with front pockets or side/ end zippered pockets to help carry electronic items or stuff from work if you are heading to the gym. These gym duffle bags are the most popular because they are great for multiple things, including, travel, working out, short vacations, and more.

3.      Backpacks: They only reason I would recommend a backpack as part of your gym bag lineup is if you are carrying laptops. Laptop backpacks offer padded sleeves for laptops and ipads but also have separate compartments that are PVC lined so you can carry gym clothes and other small workout gear. Also, not all exercises are done indoors. If you’re a outdoor person, hiking backpacks are made with robust materials and are much larger so you can carry more gear and clothes.

4.      Drawstring bags and Sacks: If you wish to not carry heavy bags and need something very lightweight but can handle sweaty clothes, I recommend drawstring bags, cinch bags, or also known as sacks. They are usually made with nylon so they are resistant to odor and moisture.

No matter what type of bag you are looking to buy, be sure to buy it at, where all sport duffel and gym bags will be on sale during the month of January.