Christmas is right around the corner, and many people are wondering what to get their loved ones for Christmas. I went to my aunt’s house recently and noticed something interesting. She could not decide what to get her family members for Christmas, so she bought bags embroidered with their names and stuffed their Christmas gifts in the bags. She explained to me that this way she doesn’t waste wrapping paper and the “wrapping paper itself serves as a gift”. I thought this was a fabulous way to conserve paper and thought it was a nice way to gift someone for whom you don’t know what to get.

She got her husband a luggage bag that had all sorts of winter and business gifts since he travels for work often. The travel bag had his initials monogrammed on the front. The kids got medium sized duffel bags embroidered with the names in different colors and she filled it with different small gifts. For the relatives that live down south my aunt got cooler bags, the athletes got drawstring bags and duffle bags for sports, and the students in school got book bags and backpacks embroidered with their names as well.

I give my aunt credit for a sustainable and creative way to do Christmas morning. If you plan on doing the same, visit for a large selection of duffelbags, coolers, totes, backpacks, fanny packs, and other bags that you can monogram. For the month of December, you can get free embroidery with coupon code: EMBROIDERY.