For much of the Unites States, September offers a refreshing scene from the dog days of summer. Many consider Labor Day an outdoor holiday, whether its going to the beach, enjoying a picnic at the park, enjoying a game at the ball park, or even just barbequing in the backyard with family and friends. We listed below the types of bags you’ll need depending on your activity:

1.       The beach. If you’re planning on heading to the beach, we recommend cooler bags. Hard-sided coolers are maybe great for ice and cold drinks but hard to travel with. Soft-sided cooler bags offer similar results for keeping ice and keeping drinks cold but also offer the carrying convenience with shoulder straps and take up less space in a car.

2.       Picnics: Soft-sided coolers and tote bags make the most sense for picnics. Soft-sided coolers are great whether you’re trying to keep food and drink items hot or cold. The foam surrounding the liners trap the air so hot food stays hot and your cold drinks stay cold. Totes are great for great for carrying simple picnic activity items like frisbees.

3.       Hiking: We also recommend backpacks, mainly to keep your hands free while you are doing activities, but also because there are great outdoor backpacks like hiking bags made with robust materials that will resist bad weather conditions.

4.       Traveling by Road: If you, like many Americans are traveling by car for Labor Day, you’ll want to buy a duffel gear bag. These are typically duffle bags with no side pockets and a single large main compartment to stuff your gear and clothes. They allow for the most capacity and allow you free up space in vehicle for other item.

5.       Traveling by Air: If you’re going on vacation this weekend, we recommend travel bags, dufflebags, and luggage bags. Domestic travel bags need to be 22 inches or less in length, so duffel bags and backpacks are ideal to use as caryy-on travel bags, if you got just one bag. If you need to check in bags, we recommend luggage bags and gear bags, as listed above, for obvious capacity reasons.

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