Duffelbags.com CEO Grapeson Wilson recently sat down with the senior editor of CEOCFO Magazine Lynn Fosse for a short interview. Among the topics discussed was Duffelbags.com reputation for manufacturing quality duffel bags and custom made-to-order duffel bags, the process of their personalized duffle bags, and Mr. Wilson’s future for AI powered manufacturing.

One refreshing aspect of this interview is despite Grapeson’s outlook for an AI-driven future, he credits much of success to traditional philosophies, such as quality customer service, timely lead-times and deliveries on custom projects, and production experience.

The interview also emphasizes Grapeson’s desire for developing and manufacturing new products to capture new market segments, not only in the retail market but also in B2B sales. For example, Duffelbags.com sells waterproof duffle bags to oil and gas companies, soft-sided cooler bags to barbeque restaurants and golf tournaments, backpacks to schools, and even clear backpacks to prison systems. They also manufacture custom OEM bags for parts, and even manufacture custom specimen flight bags to Fortune 500 Medical Laboratories and hospitals.

Still looking to the future, Mr. Wilson envisions a future where AI can make like easier on his production team members and drive a cost-effective approach to manufacturing, while bringing back American manufacturing. Read Full Interview Here