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T-Shirt Print Program

T-Shirt Print Program – Bullet Points makes creating and ordering your organization’s t-shirts fast and easy. We print personalized company t-shirts with the highest quality and offer fast turnaround times. Present your branded apparel to customers as gifts or use them as uniforms for your staff. We are easier and more reliable than your standard printers. Here’s how can help your organization print shirts fast and easy:

1.       Create an account with

2.       Send our staff the t shirt design/logo

3.       Our staff approves the design and sets up a webpage for your organization

4.       Members of your organization can purchase the t shirts from this webpage


Benefits of working

  • NO MINIMUM ORDERS – All shirts will be made-to-order, so organizations do not have to pre-order in excess.
  • REVENUE – Organizations can upcharge their members for t-shirts as a fundraising event to make money
  • SHIPPING – We can manage all your shipping needs anywhere in the lower 48 states. Additional delivery charges to ship to Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii.
  • QUALITY – Our brand-new award-winning DTG printer, plus our 20 plus years of print experience, ensures your project gets done right guaranteed.
  • INVENTORY – We will store your inventory in our warehouses, so you do not have to worry about using your garage.

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