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T-shirt Design Program

T-shirt Design Program

Do you have a talent for art and design? is welcoming all artist and graphic designers to join our new T-shirt Design Program.


Artists and graphic designers can submit t-shirt designs (no infringement or copyrights) to The designer will have to forego any licensing upon approval. Once approved by our staff we will post the design to a page on the called the “Art Wall”. Here, customers can purchase t-shirts designed by artists from around the country. The designers will choose the best options for t-shirt colors, fabric and brand for their design, and customers will select the sizes they want.


Once a designer has decided to join the T-shirt Design Program and agreed to the Affiliate Program terms and conditions, located at the bottom of the, the designer will submit their designs under the following conditions:

1.       All designers must have W-9.

2. will obtain full and 100% rights to the design submitted.

3.       All designs must be socially and politically neutral and may not be offensive in any way to any member of society.

4. will have full discretion as to if, how, and when a design will be taken down or put up on the Art Wall.

5. will not be edit or retouch any designs. The designers are solely responsible for their design up until the artwork is approved for the Art Wall, upon which will obtain full rights and responsibility for the design.

6.       If there are copyright issues involved with any designs and is to learn about any nefarious intellectual property infringement, reserves to the right to take down the design and/or refuse its services to the designer.


Designers will have full control of the creative process, up until it is approved for the Art Wall. In addition, designers can select what t-shirt brand, fabric and colors that would look good for customers to buy. We at want to make this process as easy, transparent, and potentially lucrative for the graphic designers as possible. Which is why we set up a pay structure that makes it easy for artists and designers to recoup the time and effort they put into their designs. See payout details below.


Once a design has been submitted, approved, and posted to the Art Wall, the designer can begin to market their designs. For the first $5,000 in sales, the designer will be paid 20% commission per shirt sold with the design. The payout structure changes to 5% commission for every shirt sold, after $5,000 in sales is met. A minimum of $30 in commissions must be met for payouts to begin. You may use the Potential Projected Earnings table below as a guideline for projected earnings.



Note: projections are based on designer’s ability to reach $5,000 in sales from each created design.

Number of Designs

Projected Sales

Earnings @ 20% commission

















·         Made to order - There are no minimum quantity pre orders for the designers and customers, so you don’t have to get stuck with over-stocked inventory.

·         Inventory - we will store all the t-shirts, so you don’t have to use your garage.

·        Shipping - We will manage all the shipping and cost to your customer, plus free shipping for your customers on any order over $35.

·         Transparency – Sales reports will be sent upon request. A final report will be sent when the design is taken off the Art Wall.

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