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T-Shirt Print Program Details

T-Shirt Print Program welcomes you to our T-shirt Print Program. It is a place for schools, corporations, churches, and all other organizations to order custom t-shirts. It is a process we perfected by relieving the customers of the burdens of t-shirt printing.


Your organization will first have to create an account with Once an account is created your organization will send the logo/artwork they want printed on the shirt to our staff. Once our staff sees the proof and approves the logo, we will create a space on, with log in information, exclusively for the members of your organization.

Here, members of your organization can log in and choose the t-shirt brand, material, color, and sizes they want to purchase (with the artwork/logo chosen by the organization). If an organization wishes for its members to have select material, brand, colors, etc., available for their members, it may choose to do so. The organization itself will have complete control over the design process, so long as it adheres to the conditions listed below in section “DESIGN CONDITIONS”. The organization will have up to 90 days to have their members go in and make purchase on the shirts they designed.

An organization can use this program as a fundraising event as well. For example, if an organization buys the shirts from for $15, they can sell it to their members for $20 on our website. The $5 profit will be sent back to the organization via a check at the end of the 90-day period. Sales reports during this 90-day period are available upon request, otherwise a final sales report will be sent out at the end of the 90 days.

To reduce hassle for the organization, all orders will be made to order. Once an order is placed online, we will begin the process of creating the shirts and ship them to your organization. can ship all the t-shirts to one specific location for a delivery fee. The delivery fee will be based on the amount of shirts sold. If the organization wishes to have us dropship the shirts individually, the organization will have to assume responsibility for shipping and will have to pay an extra fee of $3 per location.


1.       The design shall not in any way be offensive to any members of society. If clarification is needed, please contact 281-498-9791 for more information.

2. will not be edit or retouch any designs. The designers are solely responsible for their design and any copyright infringements associated with it.

3.       If is to learn of any copyright infringements or intellectual property infringements, reserves to the right to take down the design and/or refuse its services to the organization.



·         NO MINIMUM ORDERS – All shirts will be made to order so organizations do not have to pre-order in excess.

·         REVENUE – Organizations can upcharge their members for t-shirts as a fundraising event.

·         SHIPPING – We can manage all your shipping needs anywhere in the lower 48 states. Additional delivery charges to ship to Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii.

·         QUALITY – Our brand-new award-winning DTG printer, plus our 30 years of print experience, ensures your project gets done right guaranteed.

·         INVENTORY – We will store your inventory in our warehouses, so you do not have to worry about using your garage.