Before the pandemic, it was easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping. Stores were packed and there was parking lot madness. Now we mostly sit in the comfort of our homes ordering things online. What’s the downside, you ask? There’s a lot much hustle and bustle online.

With so much information out there, it’s no wonder that we are constantly being persuaded to make instantaneous purchases.  If I google search watches one day, the next day I’m almost certainly going to see a watch ad when I open Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and the like. Advertising has become subliminal in many ways because it is such a constant force, especially during Christmas. How many times have we heard the terms “stocking stuffers” and “last minute deals” and “season of giving” during the holidays? Every year. Smart shoppers can weed through the unnecessary and get what they want.

And with shipping transits going from 3-5 business days to the next day or even same day shipping, more and more people are becoming last minute gift shoppers. Stores and retailers are taking notice of the Pro-procrastinators. What makes them a pro, you ask? There are tons of last-minute online offers from a lot of stores. Almost everyone has a Christmas Sale going on, so you can find great steals on many items. The pro-procrastinators can find the deal and get their gifts in time for Christmas; they are online shopping experts. is one of the many stores offering holiday deals. You can save up to an additional 20% off on duffle bags, wheeled duffels, soft coolers with coupon code: CHRISTMAS. Christmas is here, don’t wait any longer.