I used to teach for a youth robotics academy many years ago. During this time, every summer I worked at University of Houston, teaching kids about the basics of robotics. I remember the smiles on their faces when they could code their robotics to do simple tasks. Those smiles would take me back to the time when I was a kid during summer camps and how much fun I had attending them.

Summer Camp season is here and is a great way to avoid having kids sit at home and playing video games. With camp season in full swing, I was surprised to see the catalog of events had grown so much. There are so many activities to participate in. Back when I was in grade school there wasn’t many choices. Even robotics has sub genres of camps, like students can choose to have robotics camps that emphasize coding, or they could choose mechanical building. There are so many camps to choose from, including science, art, robotics, dance, sports, chess, coding, and more.

Perhaps the best thing about summer camps is the kids not only learning new skills, but also developing good social skills and having a sense of comradery with fellow campers. I remember as a kid having more fun with fellow campers because we had a common interest. I fully endorse summer camps for kids. I fully endorse it having been a camp instructor and having participated in them as a student

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