Quarter 3 and 4 online retail sales for Duffelbags.com’s signature brand DuffelGear show that customers are looking for length as oppose to overall capacity, when it comes to large duffel bag sizes. Two models are garnering most of the attention: The DFL157 and the DFL140.

The DFL157 is a 56” L x 13” D cylinder bag that many people use to carry longer items like smaller or adjustable poles. According to Google Ad Words, when customers search for the term “long duffel bag”, the DFL157 is one of the first to appear in both google and amazon searches. It continues to be a top 2 seller on Duffelbags.com’s Amazon store.

The other is the DFL140. It is a smaller bag measuring at 40” L x 10” D. Again, customers are searching for and purchasing longer bags, as oppose to larger bags. November sales for the DFL140 spiked after new pictures were taken and posted to amazon. In fact, 13 of the last 17 Amazon orders to start the month of December have been either the DFL157 or the DFL140.

Demand for the longer duffel bags has encouraged DuffelGear to manufacture an even longer bag. The DFL172 measures 72”in length (6ft).  DuffelGear brand have clearly been a hit among customers searching for long duffel bags.

This is interesting because there is nothing special about either duffel bag, as there is only 1 front pocket on each bag, and both are only available in black. “When we look at the data, we can infer that the sales of these two duffel bags have increased more due to functionality of the bags, as oppose to the aesthetics, says Grapeson Wilson, President and C.E.O. of Duffelbags.com. “In other words, customers are not looking for a fancy bag to carry their equipment. They need it to fit their gear and they need it to last. Function over fashion. We thrive at offering quality products at reasonable price. That simple concept is what continues to drive up sales for our duffel bags”.