What is the difference between a “weekender” and a duffel bag? Many shoppers have heard of duffel bags referred to as weekenders. While the difference in look may be subtle, the function of a weekender is very distinct. This versatility is why everyone needs to own a weekender.

Many people want the right fit when purchasing a duffel bag, and while the extra space might be useful, it may not always be practical. Introducing the Weekender. The weekender is essentially a duffel bag but typically smaller and generally is multi-purpose. It must be versatile enough to hold your stuff for a short weekend getaway, but it also must be small enough to qualify for carry-on luggage on flights. Many people have a designated duffel for the work or the gym, a weekender duffel kind of fills in the void for almost everything else.

There are many types of weekenders including sport weekenders, fashion weekenders, and luggage. Your sport weekenders are usually made of durable fabric like 600 Denier Polyester and typically have some type of PVC backing to reduce or resist moisture. These would be good to take if you intend on participating in physical activities for your short trip, such as a short hike or trail ride.

There are also fashion weekenders, which are typically made of leather or other high-end materials. These duffels are typically designed sleeker and more for show rather than functionality, so don’t expect many compartments. They do, however, look good when you arrive at a fancy hotels and other public events. Make no mistake about it; a fashionable weekender can be the cherry on top for your fashion ensemble.

So, no matter what it is that you’re going to do on your weekend getaway, make sure you have the right bag to compliment you and your activities. Grab a weekender bag at Duffelbags.com