Summer vacations are back in full swing. In fact, according to a recent ValuePenguin survey of 2,192 consumers, 53% of Americans said they planned to travel this year, and an additional 32% said they’re considering it. Call it Covid fatigue. People are tired of lockdowns. They want to get out and enjoy life, and what better way than a summer vacation. Road trips are still popular, but the air travel has seen the biggest increase. Last year amidst covid restrictions only 13% of travelers flew, while this year nearly 40% intend to travel by air.

With majority of Americans wanting to travel this year, prices for air travel are sure to get pricey, especially in June and July, with July being the busiest travel month of the year. Which is why it’s a good thing people are willing to spend the money. The survey showed consumers plan to spend $2,400 in summer travel, taking an average of 3 trips.

There are some concerning information in the survey as well. It showed cost constraints are a bigger deterrent than coronavirus worries. That’s not good news for those who want to travel safely, but this is byproduct of covid fatigue. Of those who won't take a summer vacation, 43% cite a lack of affordability as the main reason, while 41% blame the pandemic. The survey also showed that nearly half of travelers may incur debt from summer travel. Of all the ways of travel, cruises have seen the biggest decline. Nearly 47 percent of respondents said cruises are a “no go” and another 44 percent said they aren’t up for international travel.

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