2020 has been a gut-wrenching year for so many people in so many ways. The health and well-being of so many people have been affected or put at risk. If the virus hasn’t impacted your life directly, the economic fallout almost certainly has. Nearly every industry has been impacted in a negative way. The good news? Vaccines are on the way to help people protect themselves. The bad news? the 2021 economic outlook is looking just as bleak as 2020. With more and more cities shutting down by the day, businesses are wearing thin, and obviously, no industry is feeling the burn more than the health care workers and medical companies.

Not only are hospitals and healthcare professions at capacity and over-worked, but many medical companies are feeling the pressure to meet the demands placed upon them. In fact, many medical companies are outsourcing the workload just to keep up. The many businesses that supplement these medical companies have ratcheted up their production levels just to keep pace. In many cases, these are small businesses who have no affiliation to medical world. Instead, they play a specific role in the larger picture.

Duffelbags.com is a prime example of how a business can do their part in the fight against the Corona Virus. In 2020, Duffelbags.com manufactured and supplied a medical company with over 15,000 new custom bags to carry and transport respirators. These respirators were then sent to hospitals to be used to supplement patients suffering from low oxygen levels. While Duffelbags.com was not willing to give their clients information, they did say the medical company was on the largest in north east coast. Duffelbags.com also manufactures custom bags for a Fortune 500 medical company. They use them carry and transport specimen for diagnostic testing.

“We are not a medical company by any means, but we have always had the belief that if we put our heads together, we can come up with a solution to any problem”, says Grapeson Wilson, President and C.E.O. of Duffelbags.com That attitude has not only garnered them revenue, but also respect. Duffelbags.com and other small businesses like them are showing the world that even though they are relatively small, they can come up big when it counts most. That should give us all some glimmer of hope as we navigate 2021.