Primarily, there are two types of duffel bag shoppers. People that want a multi-purpose duffel bag and people that need a bag to carry specific items. People who do the latter tend to need more internal compartment space over pocket space and prefer durability over fashion. Obviously, the more space means the duffel bag must be able to carry more weight, so it makes sense to have a duffel bag with a robust design.

Introducing the DFL40, also known as the “Grand Canyon” Duffel Bag. With dimensions of 40”H x 20” W x 18”H, this duffel bag gets a whopping 14,400 cubic inches of main compartment space. With enough space to store athletic gear for all sports, this duffel bag is made to be the ultimate athlete companion. Bags with side pockets will take away from the main compartment space but this duffel bag has 40 inches of actual usable space.

This duffel is made with 1200 Denier Polyester, double the industry standard for fabric toughness. It also has all metal hardware and 2 sturdy carry handles so you can rest assure that this duffel will carry the load without worrying about it breaking or tearing.