In a conversation I had with someone in the bag manufacturing industry, he stated that, “backpacks are the future because they provide more utility over a duffel bag”. He went on to state that because backpacks are made so big, you get all the utility of a duffel bag, while having two free hands, instead of one hand carrying the duffle bag. I told him I disagree, and here are my three main reasons:

1.       Some functions require two bags. If you are traveling to a destination for an event, you are going to want a bag for your travel clothes, while also wanting a bag for your destination gear. For example, if you are traveling to do some rock climbing, there is no reason to carry your travel clothes in the same backpack you carry rock climbing equipment. And if you’re not putting your travel clothes in the same backpack, then why do you need a big backpack? Duffel bags are the perfect companion for two bag travel.

2.       Duffel bags can be multi-purpose. Duffle bags can be made with one large main compartment, or with side pockets or dividers. Therefore you can have travel and work duffel bags, sports duffle bags for when you go to the gym, and also duffel bags that are used as gear bags for long stay-overs or vacation. Some of the upper echelon duffels are made with more robust materials that are specific to outdoors, like waterproof duffle bags.

3.       Carrying is much better with duffel bags than backpacks. I would agree with my cohort if we were talking about going to school, but let’s say you need to ride an uber or take the bus, then climb stairs, then go out. It is much easier to drop a duffle bag off your hand than taking a backpack off your back. Another feature I prefer is the length. Since backpacks are made to be on your back, your backpack is capacity limited, and since duffle bags are carried over the shoulder, you can carry long duffel bags in sizes that a backpack does not come in. There are some on the market that are 6ft in length, which is practical for storing and transporting long tools and accessories.

There are just as many backpacks on the market as duffel bags, but duffle bags can be more expensive only due to larger capacity. Perhaps one solution is to have a backpack and a duffel bag. Pack perfectly for your next trip. is having a duffel bag Easter Sale, in which all duffel bags will be on sale. Don’t miss this opportunity to get the bag of your choice.