Mother’s Day is approaching fast, and everyone is scrambling to find the “right” gift. There’s a famous saying about gift giving, “It’s the thought that counts.” I can think of no better day where that statement applies more. Mothers around the world just want to feel loved and appreciated for the all the time and effort they put into the family. So, if you’re looking for a quick pick up for a gift, you may want to slow down and put some thought into it. A good Christmas gift can be bought with good money because of the commercialized nature of Christmas: kids want the latest toys, and adults want the latest gadgets. Mother’s Day is different. On Mother’s Day, more thought > more money. That’s why going with personalized gifts and messaging is the way to go.

Want to really make sure your mother remembers your gift? Add function to the personalization. For example, if you have a mother who is a secretary, a personalized pen set or office related item might be a better gift than let’s say, a box of chocolates (Who doesn’t love a box of chocolates, but you get the point). Last year I got my mother an automated fruit juicer. Doesn’t seem like a great gift but consider she’s always picking oranges in the morning in her backyard, and then hand squeezing them to make orange juice. She loves it. The functionality makes a difference too. 21st century moms are always on the run, and anything that can make their life easier would be much appreciated. Throw in a personal statement or have their names printed or engraved on your gift, and you’ve scored big, especially if you’re having to buy gifts for mother in-laws.

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