The new year has come and that means new year resolutions. It is the reason we put up with overcrowded gyms in January. A recent YouGov poll cited in Time Magazine found that, of the nearly 30% of respondents who said they are making New Year’s resolutions, 50% said their top resolution was to exercise. With some parts of the country still on lockdown, many gyms are forced to cut capacity or even worse, close. However, the impact of Covid-19 on the lungs has heightened the sense of urgency to get in shape. The dichotomy could not be more apparent.

However, people are adjusting the work out regiment. For example, right after the pandemic started most bike shops including Walmart and Academy were sold out on most bicycles due to restrictions on gyms. People still want their exercise and so cycling became more popular. People are going to find alternative forms of exercise. Just because gyms are closing does not mean you do not need a gym bag. You still need a place to keep your work out gear. With a few days left this month, is offering a sale on all gym and sport duffel bags to help get your year started right. Your gym maybe different this year, but rest assure the place to buy gym bags has not changed. is still the place to buy gym and sport duffel bags for all your active lifestyles.

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