April is here and everyone is out and about, enjoying the Spring season. With the weather warming up, a lot more people are enjoying the great outdoors. Whether it be hunting, fishing, gardening, or playing sports, there is always something to do outside for nearly everyone. April is well known for all the outdoor Easter egg hunts. So, in honor of the Easter bunny, we decided to do some Spring hunting ourselves for 3 bags that are perfect for the Spring season and Easter Egg hunting:

1.       Deluxe Rope Tote: Nothing says spring like a perfect tote bag. Fashionable and lightweight, this tote is perfect for the beach, or a picnic out in the garden, and will carry your stuff securely and fashionably.


2.       DuffelGear Barrel Duffel: The small duffel bag that comes in 26 different colors, including the bright spring colors! Small, convenient and inexpensive, this small barrel duffel bags are perfect collecting easter eggs and other fun activities.


3.       Signature Pattern Waist Pack: The 80s are back in style and so is the fanny pack. This particular fanny comes in all sorts of fun colors and patterns and is perfect for Easter egg hunting. Keep your arms free while carrying your Easter eggs.


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