In the wake of the Uvalde school shootings, school districts across the county are thinking of ways to tighten up security for our children. While some ideas have drawn ire from the public, there are some commonsense solutions many can agree on. Enforcing clear backpacks at schools seems to be an idea that is catching fire, especially in Texas.

Dallas Independent School District announced Monday that they will be joining the long list of counties and school districts that will be enforcing students to bring clear backpacks. A recent USA Today article states that school districts enforcing these clear backpacks will not accept any other type of backpacks. Dallas ISD joined Austin and many other central Texas school districts and cities in the fight for school safety.

This is not the first-time clear backpacks were instituted in schools. In the wake of 9/11, many school districts issued this same policy. However, there are those who feel all this will do is make kids more scared by making them feel like their going through airport security, rather than class. Clear backpacks or not, the debate will rage on.

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