States are starting to reopen and that means business is starting to pick up. In some states, schools, restaurants, camps, and sports venues are open to max capacity. Now that the winter is in the rear-view mirror, spring is here and that means enjoying the great outdoors. We put together a short list of outdoor activities that are ideal for Spring:

1.       Garden – More sunlight and better temperatures means perfect time to cultivate and grow your garden. Watch the flowers bloom and the trees grow in a colorful arrangement.

2.       Picnic – Pull out a basket and some sandwiches. The weather makes picnics ideal, especially for people in the south where the heat is more prevalent in the summer.

3.       Hike – Enjoy nature and all its glory all the while getting in shape. Sounds too good to be true? Not in spring. Ideal temperatures for long hikes and trails.

4.       Sports – The summertime might be where most sports are played by kids, but spring is the best time to enjoy an outdoor sport, like seeing a soccer or tennis match in person. The same goes for golf, where many country clubs are back to full capacity.

5.       Beach – Soak up the sun, feel the spring breeze, and enjoy the sounds of the waves at the beach to a nice cold one. Relax and let you worries wash away.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you enjoy it. So often, especially in the south, Spring lingers only for a moment before the scorching heat of summer bears down. That’s why we created the DuffelGear Travel Cooler. Travel Coolers are a hybrid between duffel bags and coolers. They come in 4 sizes (6,12,24, and 48 pack) and multiple colors, and most importantly, hold ice all day! Check out the huge selection of coolers at All coolers are on sale now! Enter coupon code: SPRINGBREAK and receive an additional 10% off DuffelGear Travel Coolers.

PSA: encourages everyone to follow best safety practices while gathering in public places.