Spring is in full season and that means enjoying the outdoors. But if you’re going to spend a considerable amount of time outside, you’re going to need a cooler bag as a companion. Why? Because whether you are going to the beach, camping, hunting, having a picnic, tailgating at a sports game, or even playing outdoor sports, cooler bags will keep your drinks cold and your food hot.


Cooler bags work by insulating the inside of the bag, through foam padding exterior and with heavy duty liners, to prevent any cold air from escaping while simultaneously blocking any external temperatures from entering the bag.  You will find the higher quality cooler bags are waterproof, watertight, and sealed with airtight zippers and seamless welding which creates a vacuum of air.  This maintains the desired temperature for the contents of your insulated bag for much longer. The same works for hot food. For example, if you’re making tortillas for family functions, cooler bags maintain the warm temperature while you’re traveling so the food stays fresh.


Soft-sided convertible coolers are the most convenient. They can act as tote bags when you need to grab items, but offer the convenience of a duffel bag or backpack when you need to carry items. Soft-sided means they are made with a foam padded polyester, with a liner inserted to absorb water/ ice melting, not to mention they are easier to store and not as burdensome to carry. We recommend the Duffelgear brand coolers: Available in 6pk 12pk, 24 and 48pk sizes (cans and bottles), these act as tote bags with carry handles on the side, but when closed with zippers, buckles, and a shoulder strap, they carry as easy as duffel bags. Not to mention they hold ice all day. Perhaps the best feature of the DuffelGear brand coolers is the patented removable liners. So, if you have an unfortunate puncture, no need to replace the cooler bag, just swap out the liner. You can check out DuffelGearcooler bags at Duffelbags.com.