With July and August being the most traveled months of the year, many people have already traveled or making plans for to enjoy the last bit of summer. However, finding the right bag to travel with isn’t as easy as finding the right place to travel. We’ve taken the liberty of putting together a few notes that will hopefully help you in your selection process:

       - Linear dimensions – almost all airlines use linear dimensions to determine which bags are acceptable for travel. Linear dimensions of a bag are the length + height + depth, in inches. Be sure to check with your airlines to confirm your size requirements.

a.       Carry-on bags – most airlines require linear dimensions of 45 in or under, with a weight of 40 lbs. or under to be eligible for carry-on. That usually translates into a travel bag that is no longer than 22in for carry-on

b.       Check-in bags – For check in bags, most airlines want 62 in or less in linear dimension for check in. Certain airlines will allow oversize and/or overweight bags with additional fees.

       - Space and Time – The way it works with airlines is if you need space, you lose time, and if you need time, you will lose space. Checked bags are great for extra space but having to wait at luggage claim can slow you down, along with the extra weight. If you are going for a weekend stay, pack light and stick with the carry-on. It is not worth dealing with hassle of lost baggage.

       - Bag Materials – Let’s just say airport workers are not going to care who’s bag they are throwing in the airplane, nor do they care what’s in it. If you are checking in a bag, I would recommend hard-sided luggage as opposed to soft-sided bags. If you are an athlete, for example, and must use a duffel bag to check in, we recommend more robust materials like 1200 denier polyester or rip-stop nylon, along with big metal zippers. Soft-sided bags are better for carry-on as they can fit easier into airplane luggage compartments.

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