Communities thrive off sponsorships and donations, especially small communities, and towns. That is why we must appreciate not only big corporate companies that promote philanthropy regionally, but we must appreciate even more the small businesses that invest in their local communities. is one of those small businesses., based in Houston, TX, is a small business manufacturer and supplier of duffel bags, and they are stepping up in a big way by giving back to the community by sponsoring local events. became a sponsor for the 2022 Fort Bend ISD Student Voices Summit (Fort Bend is a suburb of Houston, TX). Additional sponsors included Raising Cane, who are well known for their charitable sponsorships and donations in local community events throughout the country. But proves you do not have to be a big corporate giant to impact the community. They have proven that even small businesses are more than capable of stepping up for their community. “ is investing in the forthcoming generation of students. We are proud to sponsor Fort Bend ISD student voices summit 2022-2023”, said Grapeson Wilson, President and CEO of

Many small businesses are thin on the margins and so charity is not even an option, but those small businesses that do invest back into their communities give a lot, and they should be appreciated for it. After all, gratitude is what the spirit of Thanksgiving is all about.