The Fourth of July is always a busy travel weekend, and many families either schedule their summer vacations during this time, take a short trip to enjoy the holiday festivities, or enjoy them locally. For me personally, I look for the four F’s of the Fourth of July. They are:Fun, Friends, Food, and Fireworks.

1.       Fun. What is the point of having a holiday if you can’t enjoy it. The Fourth is a great time to check out the local scene, whether it is sporting events, live music, relaxing at the beach, or participating in excursions. While everyone may not be down for outdoor activities in the heat, the Fourth is all about enjoying the freedoms we are afforded in this country to do what you want.

2.       Friends. Being a huge sports fan, I love going to see a baseball game with friends and checking out new live acts in the local area. There are some holidays that are more private like Thanksgiving with the family, or Valentine’s Day with your loved ones. The fourth is all about enjoying time with the community. Having a sense of comradery is important for this holiday, as we all are celebrating our freedoms.

3.       Food. i.e., barbeques. You can’t be from Texas and not enjoy some good Longhorn red meat for the Fourth. If you are dieting the Fourth represents, to me, the best cheat weekend next to Thanksgiving. Me and my friends are usually grilling out at barbeques or checking out the local bar and grill scene.

4.       Fireworks. The signature item that defines the Fourth of July. It wouldn’t be a national birthday without them. There are many local scenes that will have firework shows and I could not think of a better way to follow up a barbeque scene than with fireworks. Enjoy the sunlight grilling in the afternoon and then enjoy the fireworks light up the sky at night.

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