Last year many families spent the holidays indoors amidst Covid fears, no traveling, no family get-togethers, and lockdowns with no community engagements. With the uncertainty of Covid, who could blame anyone for being sheltered like a snail. However, it did take away from the holiday spirits last year. Christmas was never meant to be celebrated virtually. It was meant to be experienced, not visualized

Oh how 1 year makes a difference. People are traveling again, and this time in droves. Airlines are experiencing close to 60% increase in holiday traveling. Community events such as shelters that allow the public to help feed and cloth the homeless are reopening their doors. Christmas concerts and shows are back in full swing as well, and for some reason there just seams to be more Christmas lights on homes this year. Perhaps that’s a bit arbitrary, but the Christmas “feeling” seems more palpable this year than in years past. Don’t ask me to explain it, but it’s just the vibe that I get when I’m out and about. Whether you believe Christmas is a religious holiday is aside the point. The holidays provide an avenue that brings people together, whether its commercial or personal. It’s no wonder the word “Joy” is always associated with Christmas.

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