We’ve examined hundreds of duffel bags to see which duffel bag would make the best gift for Father’s Day. Our grading system was based on 5 elements: design, durability, function, convenience, and price. We tried to stay away from subjective criticisms, such as style, and focused more on objective benefits. After deliberating, we concluded that the DuffelGear 1000 series, “Tuff Duff”, is the best overall rated duffel bag for Father’s Day gift, specifically the 22” model (DFL1022). Let’s take a look and see why this duffel bag scored high on all 5 elements.

1.       Design (score 4/5): The dimensions of the DFL1022 are 22”L x 11”W x 12”H and the design can best be described as robust. Big metal hardware and zippers hand-stitched onto a 1200 Denier polyester fabric (twice the industry standard) makes this ideal for carrying equipment but also sleek enough to be used as an everyday duffel. Side pockets and a large front pocket gives you plenty of options for storage.

2.       Durability (score 5/5): There’s a reason why we nicknamed this duffel bag the “TuffDuff”. In addition to the 1200D polyester, and all metal hardware, you also get a hard bottom, bottom feet, and moisture resistant PVC backing. All of which contributes to a long-lasting duffel.

3.       Function (score 5/5): Part of the reason we choose the 22” length model is because it will fit most airline carry-on requirements for travel. Which means, you can use this bag for travel as luggage. Moisture resistant PVC backing makes this duffel ideal as a gym bag as well. Because of the robust design and sleek look, you can use the duffel bag pretty much anywhere, for anything.

4.       Convenience (score 4/5): 2 side pockets and a large front pocket does take away some space from your internal compartment space. The tradeoff is you get ample storage options, especially if your carrying things like iPads and other electronic items you don’t want to store in the main compartment with things like shoes. Velcro straps on carry handles, padded shoulder straps, and a hard bottom means a more even distribution of weight and more comfort while carrying.

5.       Price (score 6/5): Typically, the DuffelGear 1000 Series retails for $33, but for Father’s Day, you can grab this bag at 20% off, exclusively at Duffelbags.com. This discount is only valid on the 22” model, item #: DFL1022. This exclusive offer will end Friday, June 25th, 2021.