The holidays are here and its time to spend money…if only there were products to buy. This year the holidays have been marred with a supply chain crisis that could not have come at a worse time. Many parents are “settling” this year with Christmas gifts for their kids. If only that was the extent of the supply chain crisis. This year many businesses are hurting knowing they can’t get their products in time for Christmas.

Since the pandemic, there have been an influx of online purchases; the overwhelming majority of which are manufactured outside the US. More foreign made goods means more shipments through sea (the most common form of transporting goods internationally). More sea shipments translate into not enough space on the vessels, which means major backups at the ports, which ultimately means retailers are not getting their products in time. All this, added on to the fact that consumers will be paying more over the holidays due to skyrocketing shipping costs, and material costs from inflation. No one wins, except the ocean liners, who are recording another record-breaking year in profit. Supply and demand is playing out at sea, and in the stores.

None the less, a few retailers have been able to get their products, and just in time for the Christmas. Now all we have to do is fight for those products on the shelves. is one of those few retailers who have been fortunate enough to get their products in time for the holidays, and have their inventory fully stocked. If you’re in the market for a duffel bag you won’t have to settle this year. Visit for more information on inventory and pricing.