With many people making up for not being able to travel last year over the holidays, this year is sure to be more congested at the airports. Airlines and travel companies are taking note as well. Recently, Axios reported that while many airlines are adding flights to popular destinations, consumers are likely to find higher prices and limited availability. Airlines could also face staffing shortages over newly issued vaccine mandates. So, we put together a few notes for the holiday travelers that might help with the preparation:

1.       Expect more congestion at your destination. On average a third of the population will travel for the holidays. This year 52% of respondents in a recent survey said they plan on traveling during the months of November and December.

2.       Expect to spend more money. Per PWC, holiday travel spending is projected to increase up to 69% in 2021, compared to 2020. A shortage of rental cars and demand for hotels means everyone will pay much higher for rental cars and hotels as well.

3.       Expect shortages on travel goods and services. Due to demand, production materials and costs, as well as supply chain issues across the globe, there will be less travel bags and duffel bags available on the shelves. Luggage for example is showing out of stock on many shelves or showing scarce across retailers.

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