Duffelbags.com has been manufacturing bags for over 30 years. One of the most items Duffelbags.com sells is the soft-sided cooler bags. At first glance you may not realize how beneficial this bag can be but strip away the aesthetics and you will find a multi-purpose bag that is useful in more ways than one.

What is the DuffelGear Cooler Bag you ask? It a soft sided duffel bag with a heavy, patented, removable PVC Liner that holds ice all day. This is convenient because the cooler bag is attached to the PVC liner through Velcro straps. So, if you end up tearing the liner all you must do is unstrap the liner and replace it. Customers want cost effective solutions, especially for items that have high usage. They are available in 4 different sizes: 6, 12, 24 and 48 pack bags (holds bottles or cans). The corresponding model numbers for the 4 sizes is: DFL600, DFL1200, DFL2400, and DFL4800. The cooler bag is made with industry standard 600D Polyester, has buckle closures on the sides, and has a large top zipper that opens wide, so you are never far from a cold one.

“I was out playing golf down in Houston and I just remember it being so hot and figured I got to do something about this”, said Larry Williams, designer of the cooler bag.” Not only is perfect for the golf course but many people that work out on the road, like technicians and field workers love it as well. The insulation really keeps drinks cold. Since you can embroider or digitally print on the gear itself, Companies and business can get free marketing from the bag. Duffelbags.com has had trucking companies that got their drivers cooler bags as promotional gifts for the holidays.  No matter if you a white-collar golfer or a blue-collar trucker, you will get your benefit from DuffelGear cooler bags.