3…2…1…we’re back to school! Swim, sun, and summer blasted students into another universe, but now it is time to land back to reality as many students continue their studies on the discoveries of the universe.

It has been a while since we needed to stock up on school supplies. For a moment there, was a thought that maybe backpacks may have become obsolete, but here we are making sure we freed up our tax-free weekends to do our back-to-school shopping.

It’s never too early – nor late – to get ready for school; a place filled with fun, play, and laughter for the young ones, topped with a plethora of knowledge for our adolescents. School is a students second home; it’s where they spend about 40 hours a week eating, learning, and sometimes play – whether on the playground or interacting with friends. 

Especially after a year of online school, many students are growing restless in their own homes, itching for a sense of friendship and the environment at school. Even though it might seem frightening at first face to face, we will all step into the brand new normal together as we venture into the post-covid  future of education.

From the young ones just entering their first classrooms, to the ones entering their senior year of college, we want to give all students a warm welcome back to a place that is their second home, by offering up to 20% off back packs and duffel bags. In addition, Duffelbags.com is also offering free embroidery on any one DuffelGear product, so you can personalize your gear with a monogram. Just enter coupon code: “personalize” at checkout to redeem your offer.

Everyone at Duffelbags.com wishes all of our students, young and old, a blessed 2021-2022 school year!