How do you put a price on something that is priceless? It’s the Valentine’s Day conundrum we face every February. We have all seen the “he went to Jared” commercial during the month of February. Jewelry stores would have you believe buying expensive is the “gold” standard of intimate gift giving. The truth is nothing could be further from the truth. Valentine’s Day has nothing to do with the gift, but rather the messaging behind the gift. As the saying goes, “it’s the thought that counts”. So, the key to buying gifts is to make sure the message gets sent properly. A good example of this is Sweethearts, also known as conversation hearts. They are heart shaped sugar candies with fun little Valentine Day messages on them. Many people don’t even buy them to eat them but rather keep them for decoration or for the novelty of it.  

Personalized messaging always adds the cherry on top. Many businesses are offering deals on personalized messaging this time of year. Take advantage of it, they are the best way to send the right message. For example, right now is offering free embroidery on any one of their duffel bags. Customers can have messages, names, or logos embroidered onto bags at no cost. It is a perfect way to personalize a product that can be used often. Visit and make sure you send the right message this year for Valentine’s Day.