With the pandemic slowing down in-store shopping, more and more shoppers are adapting their life to online shopping. Obviously, the behemoths like Amazon and Walmart have adapted their shopping experiences accordingly. However, in this fast pace world in which we shop the way we consume fast food, there is a personal touch with business that has become less and less apparent. Think about your last few Amazon purchases. Do you remember the brand that manufactured it? Chances are your probably do not.

Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon, was recently quoted saying, “The best customer support is none”. What he clearly means that if you take care of the customer you will not need a customer support team. “Fast food” shopping. However, this utopian shopping ideology clearly has some draw backs when you have customer concerns or issues. There is no one to guide you to a solution beyond your knowledge. No one can be an expert on everything, so we rely on customer service to guide us to make decisions in areas we are not experts in. In fact, Amazon’s customer service is less than satisfactory. As a seller if you want to resolve an issue with customer, Amazon will not allow you to contact them directly. You must be monitored by Amazon on phone calls and only email contact with the customer through Amazon is accepted. Compare that to a customer shopping with Duffelbags.com directly. All issues get resolved directly and quickly, which is what customers want. This not only builds trust between the buyer and seller, but it also builds trust in the brand.

Another way Duffelbags.com has distinguished itself from the Amazons and Walmarts of the world is through product personalization. Through in-house embroidery and digital print centers, customers can customize their purchases with names or initials, through a wide selection of font text and colors. This is a service Amazon and Walmart cannot offer their customers. “often times we call the customer to review their order to make sure the final product comes out the way the customers requests”, says Elias, who manages the digitization of the embroidery and digital print center. That is going the extra mile, that is making sure the customer is getting their money’s worth, and that is true customer support.