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Sling Backpack

For a more convenient way of carrying your stuff, use our sling bags with a single shoulder strap that is easy to grab and go and makes carrying your items easy on your back. Each sling bag is designed with style in mind, yet is functional and practical with the extra pockets and zippers to keep you organized. Many bags come with cell phone and iPod ports to make listening to your phone calls and tunes easy.

Highest Quality Sling Bags
At we provide the highest quality materials and construction in our bags and sling backpacks. Made of colorful yet durable PVC-backed polyester, these bags are spacious enough to accommodate all your needs and hold up to your demands. Whether you are carrying a laptop or your cell phone and cosmetics, our sling bags are easy to handle and give you lots of options. You can carry the bag as a cross shoulder travel bag or a single shoulder sling bag.

While shopping at, you are assured of the highest quality bags at the most competitive prices. Our sling shoulder bags provide the ease of use with extra features that keep you organized. Our bags provide many features giving you plenty of spots to store your items while on a trip and be able to easily find them!

Customize your Sling Bag
We will work with you to add your logo or name to our complete line of bags. We can embroider or screenprint them to add your company name or personalize each bag. At we can meet your expectations and make your special event memorable!